What to expect at a meeting

For a start - a very warm welcome.

Many people believe Rotary is exclusively the domain of the retired professional male, i.e. the archetypal old boy's club. Nothing could be further from the truth with The Rotary Club of Bedford De Parys.

Our Club was the first Rotary Club in the District to be set up with both Male and Female members. We did not meet for lunch or even dinner. We met for breakfast every Wednesday at The Embankment Hotel at 7.15am. for 7.30am start. We had a business meeting on the first Tuesday of each month in the evening at different venues. The hotel was The Embankment, Bedford.

Following the Covid Pandemic we have modernised our meetings and now meet on Zoom every Tuesday evening and hold a face to face meeting once a month at different venues.

We are still a very active club supporting many worthwhile causes.

Rotary Club of Bedford De Parys
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